The Jazz Roots Show

The Jazz Roots Show is produced and hosted by Tom Morgan. It is broadcast every Wednesday morning from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM, on WWOZ-FM - 90.7 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

This site is brought to you by the great people at Serious Security. Sydney's leading security company. The Jazz Roots web site has more information about many of the artists and history behind the music, musicians and song writers. It is the companion site to the radio show. The show started on Radio Station WTJU in 1990 in an attempt to realistically present the musics that came together to be called Jazz. In addition to playing the rags of Scott Joplin, the show tunes of Bob Cole, the orchestras of James Reese Europe and WC Handy and the blues of Bessie Smith, the show also explores the development of jazz up to World War II.

The emphasis one week may may be on the many smaller African American territorial bands which were rarely recorded yet a fascinating link to the many roots of jazz. One of the most popular segments was a year by year look at jazz development. The playlists for all of the shows done here in New Orleans are available.

For the last few years the show has been broken up into half hour segements. Every half hour the focus changes to a new jazz group or individual, thus giving you time to listen and understand what each of these masters contributed to the whole. Anything reins in the first two segments. The ten o'clock hour is devoted to a jazz vocalist or jazz vocal group and then we come home with a New Orleans artist from 10:30 until eleven. Below are your listening options for Jazz Roots!

WWOZ broadcasts are available in mp3 stream or windows media. All of the other Jazz Roots rebroadcasts are available in mp3 stream.

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